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Fun Facts About Cow

Facts about cows

fun facts for all animal lovers interesting things about cows

  • Like humans,cows also like to make friends.They like to spend most of their time with their close friends only that would be 2-3 preferred cows.And also make enemies with other individual.
  •  Cows also show emotions like humans.They give more milk when they are happy and if they are treated better.
  • Cows are devotional mother.They are known to walk for miles to find her calves if lost.
  • Cows are curious and investigate everything suspicious.
  •  Cows are protected animals in India as the majority is Hindu population. At least once a year on the day of Gopastami cows are worshiped and decorated.
  •  Cows like to sleep close to there families and the arrangement of where to sleep is determined my the rank of the indivisual in the social hierarchy.

Facts about Fox For animal lovers

Facts About Fox

Fun Facts about fox for animal lovers

  • The whiskers on the face and the legs of the fox helps it navigate.
  • Male Fox is called - Dog Fox ,the female fox is called - vixen.
  • To protect their kits from other animals fox dig underground dens.
  • A fox prefer to hunt alone and not in group or packs like lionesses ans hyenas. 
  • Fox can see at night as it has eye pupils like cats which are vertical in shape.
  • Fox has a
extra ordinary hearing sense .They can hear ticking of a watch from as far as 40 yards.
  • Fox smell bad,that because of the sweat glandes on there tail.